Why Vantage Point Office Solutions


  1. We offer the industry’s highest quality products at the lowest possible
  2. We offer the most complete product information .
  3. We offer after sales services i.e free delivery.
  4. We provide our customers with information on the phone, in our store, on our website & social media site to make informed choices .
  5. We stock our website &  social media site with the latest products, the best deals and plenty of information to help you decide for yourself.
  6. We are proud of each and every member of our staff, because they make the difference.
  7. We have established BUYING POWER, which means we can buy products at prices far below our competition and pass the savings along to you.
  8. We offer our customers frequent updates on new products arriving weekly at our store.
  9. We are entirely committed to making your dreams and ideas into functioning realities and consider customer satisfaction to be the most significant marker of our success.
  10. We believe that customers and employees should relish every opportunity to step into your office, and in pursuit of such we offer you world class’ most extensive office fit out service.
  11. We offer corporate and government customers instant bids, competitive prices and quick delivery.

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