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Office Ergonomics

Office ErgonomicsOffice ergonomics is concerned with the way in which an office worker interacts with the office environment. A large percentage of the working population, work in offices these days and office ergonomics is more important today than it has ever been. You may often hear people complain about back, shoulder and neck problems as well as headaches however rarely are the symptoms connected with how the person works.

Office ergonomics is the study of how the person is working and its aim is to drastically reduce pain and discomfort by ensuring that the persons environment is set up correctly. It could be as simple as the way in which a person sits at their desk or the position of the desk in relation to the chair. It is estimated that only 1 in 8 of the injuries office workers suffer are reported often times because they do not make the association. In some cases they simply take sick leave and assume that the issue will go away.

It is important for organisations to have an office ergonomics strategy that goes beyond having an untrained internal member of staff perform some minor checks. A well structure office ergonomics program will always pay for itself by helping to increase productivity and reduce sick leave due to injury. Organisations should also ensure that they provide ergonomic office advice to  staff  as employers are responsible for staff injuries obtained while working regardless of where the injuries occur.

Office Ergonomics Checklist

Office Ergonomics ChecklistPosture – Activity – Exercise

  • Maintain proper posture, paying careful attention to positioning of head, neck/spine, arms/wrists, hips/thighs and feet. Basically, ensure the small of your back is supported, your shoulders relaxed (not slumped, not elevated), and that there is no pressure under your thighs.
  • Alternate between different postures on a regular basis.
  • When keyboarding, use minimum force while striking the keys.
  • Keep a neutral position, where the forearms, wrists and hands are in a straight line.
  • Avoid awkward reaching for work tools such as telephone, mouse and reference materials.
  • Avoid resting elbows, forearms or wrists on hard surfaces or sharp edges.
  • Take frequent mini-breaks throughout the day to give muscles and joints a chance to rest and recover.
  • Alternate between work activities which use different muscle groups to avoid overuse.
  • Give eyes a break by closing them momentarily, gazing at a distant object and blinking frequently.
  • Proper exercises are a complement to a complete office ergonomics program. Consult with us to select appropriate exercises.

Lighting – Air – Noise

  • Maintain appropriate light levels for specific tasks. More illumination is usually needed to read a document than a computer screen.
  • Reduce or eliminate glare by using window shades, diffusers on overhead lighting and anti-glare filters for computers.
  • Adjust the contrast and brightness on your computer screen to a comfortable level.
  • Get a regular eye exam and if necessary, wear corrective lenses. Tell your eye specialist how often you use the computer.
  • Clean the computer screen and other surfaces regularly.
  • Reduce the number of dust collecting items like papers and files on your desk.
  • If necessary, use a portable air cleaner to reduce airborne particles like dust, pollen and mold.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature by using layers of clothing or a portable fan or heater.
  • Be considerate to others working in the area and conduct meetings and conversations in appropriate areas.
  • Position fabric partitions to reduce noise from conversations, foot traffic and equipment, like copiers and printers.
  • Identify distracting noises and try headphines, ear plugs, soft music or a quiet fan to reduce or mask the noise.

Work Style – Organization – Breaks

  • Reduce stress by planning ahead and setting realistic expectations for what you can accomplish during the workday.
  • Organize your workload to help even out busy and slow times, to avoid feeling “swamped”.
  • Vary tasks to make the day more interesting. For example, deliver a message in person instead of phoning.
  • Avoid long periods of repetitive activity. For example, alternate computer work with other tasks like phone calls, filing, copying and meetings.
  • Organize equipment, supplies and furniture in the most efficient arrangement for daily tasks.
  • Enhance privacy by using office partitions and privacy filters for computer screens or documents.
  • Acknowledge ideas and accomplishments of co-workers on a regular basis.
  • Develop stress reduction and relaxation techniques which work for you at the office and at home.
  • Personalize your office with a few favorite items, like artwork, photos and plants.
  • Take mini-breaks that re-energize, invigorate and refresh.
  • Follow these same ergonomic guidelines at home, in meetings and while travelling

Many reasons why offices across are switching to Ergonomic office chairs

Ask yourself if you were ever happy about the chairs you sat on and did your work at office? Honestly, the answer in your mind would be  NO!! Not everyone would say they were happy, but the ones who say so are those who have always used ergonomic chairs for seating purposes. Ergonomic chairs have become a rage in this day and age, especially for work places where employees spend more than eight hours and six days a week. It is but important for business owners to realize that comfortable seating is important, especially for the employee’s health and the company’s productivity at large.

It is all inter related and that’s why it is so important to have the right seating arrangements at work. Let’s take a look at the ergonomic chairs we have these days, why they are so important to have and how to pick the right ones. And if you would like to take a look at some of them online, check reputed search engines and you would find a range of service providers doling out the best ergonomic office CHAIRS as well.

Health wise speaking

Remember those days when dad would come home with a severe lower back ache? This is because of his seating arrangement at work; the lumbar spine curve is strained because of the flat backrests on most chairs. One needs to have chairs where the depth and the height of the chairs can be adjusted, so that the right posture is obtained and maintained for the employee.

Apart from that, most employees complain of numb legs in an hour or so and hence have to leave their desks for a quick walk. This is because of lack of circulation, which if not corrected on time can lead to more problems later on. Once again, the Ergonomic Office Chairs Sydney offers allows one to adjust the depth and the height of the seat, which means the legs now can reach the ground, allowing normal circulation to happen.



How we hate having to make adjustments and add something to let our arms feel relaxed while working on traditional chairs, eight hours a day. Moreover, you cannot get the armrests adjusted to your height of sitting, and have to make do with what’s given. And even if you have a chair which allows the elbows some relaxation time, that’s bad. This is because it could lead to arm and wrist pains ahead, especially when you’re ageing.  In the old chairs, the armrests aren’t flexible, they are fixed, and you can do nothing about them. However, with Ergonomic Office Furniture Sydney stores offer these days, your comfort and physiological health is of prime concern and taken care off.

 Benefits of having ergonomic furniture at work

Now that we have spoken about the health needs being taken care of by Ergonomic Office Furniture, let’s take a look at other benefits you receive. To begin with, employees need to be kept safe and happy whilst they work for you, and at all times. A happy company has hard-working, smart and healthy employees.

With the right Ergonomic Office Chairs has to offer, one can expect employees not making excuses to move around, to stretch or leave their desks for extended breaks. When all that stops, as a boss, you can expect more productivity on the table at the end of the day. This is because, the employees would be comfortable where they are, and they would concentrate more and bring in more.

Have you checked the features of ergonomic chairs and office furniture? It would be wise to take a look online and ask for demos, health-wise they are a rage, and comfort wise they are loved, the furniture is human friendly to put it in simple terms, cost-effective and very durable at the same time. Flexibility assured and your employees would love being at work. With the swivel and wheel mechanisms attached to the chairs, there would be a little roll around time for fun too, even when the most serious tasks are happening.

Employees when kept happy at their work place would go out of the way to do more for the business. If you too would like to have a happy working environment around, switch to Ergonomic Office Furniture.

How to choose suitable Office Desk for the happy employee at work

Making a decision does take time and the application of due diligence, irrespective of what one is deciding on. The same would be when buying office desks and chairs. Now let’s take a look at what are the considerations to make when picking up the right office desks, the same should be applied for other furniture, such as chairs too. Please remember, irrespective of the size of the company or what the employees gain as benefits, if the basic seating and working arrangements are not maintained, do not expect higher output and more productivity from employees at the end of the day.

 Not a piece of cake walk

If you thought it would be as easy as baking an apple pie, be wary that it is not. Some business owners think they know it all, but in actual life they know nothing about the way office furniture should be bought and installed. There are various aspects which should be taken care of, and plenty of questions to answer when buying the best office desks for daily use and needs. Hence, it is important not to only look at aesthetics or functionality, but the overall comfort factor, since an individual would be using the desk for around eight hours a day.

 Ergonomic office furniture

The height and length of the office desks need to be adjustable and perfect for the user. This would help the employee work well, stay healthy, and there would be more productivity brought in as well. The desk should be kept parallel to the arm rests, not higher and not lower than what is expected. If this isn’t in place, the employee would complain of back aches, wrist and arm pains and a whole load of other health issues in the long run.



Check the purpose for which an ergonomic chair needs to be bought. Is it going to be extensively used all day long, or would it be used for storage and work only? In some offices, desks are used only when conferences happen, is that your office scenario too? Are your employees using too many gadgets and gizmos, in that case the desk needs to have convenient places for all the wires to be held together? No one likes a desk overcrowded and filled, so does the desk have enough space to store important files and documents?

Have you tried out the ergonomic desks before buying one of them? Check with at least four to five retail stores online or otherwise, and ask them for demos. Check the features of the desk; sit by the desk and asses how comfortable it would be for you. Does it support the body and the work needs what about it’s positioning?

Finally, apart from the pricing, one should also check the color, materials and styles of the suitable office desks too.

cabinetsIf you need to seek help from professionals online, go right ahead and do it. However, don’t make assumptions and regret not listening to experts later.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Office Desk


  • Firstly, measure the area and the proposed desk space. This will give you a greater idea about the dynamics of the room.
  • Your office desk should be able to contain all of your files and computer hardware, so make sure that there are compartments for this, and room on the desk for everything you do on a daily basis.
  • Look at the existing decor in your office. A big black desk will obviously look out of place in a minimalistic, white office.
  • Ergonomics are crucial for desks. Everybody has heard of ergonomic chairs, but few realize that the positioning of a desk can either naturally fit to the body’s posture, or work against it.  At Vantage Point Office Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ergonomically sound desks.


What are you waiting for? Speak with Vantage Point Office Solutions for a competitively priced, functional and beautiful desk today!

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